Singapore's leading event focusing on diversity and inclusion is back once again!

The Conference on Fair & Progressive Employment Practices 2015 themed "Inclusiveness: Advancing Workplaces in Singapore" will engage local and international experts, leading employers, academics as well as tripartite leaders.

Singapore's workforce has become more diverse and will continue to be so characterised by multi-generations, gender, culture and other differences such as education and thinking styles. Recognising and valuing diversity in the workplace will be increasingly key as a competitive advantage.

The ability to build Inclusiveness as a business value into the workplace will become central to assimilating the diverse talent who work, live and play together.

This conference aims to bring about a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives from companies and business leaders in different industries.

Participants will have an opportunity to understand and be inspired by how companies in different industries practise inclusiveness as a business imperative.

Our keynote speaker, Dr Helen Turnbull, author of two psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion and an internationally recognised Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity practices will bring participants further into the journey of inclusiveness, to navigate the complexity of inclusion.

In the afternoon, participants can select and attend topical workshops to suit their organisations' needs.

These breakout sessions include:
        •Session 1A: Women in Today's Workforce: Can They Have It All?
        •Session 1B: Inclusiveness: The Heart of Tomorrow's Workforce
        •Session 2A: Older Workers: 60s Is The New 40s
        •Session 2B: Work-Happy: Flexible Work Arrangements Made Easy

In conjunction with the conference, HR professionals will have a special opportunity to come together to discover how they can undertake the role as change agents and put into practice the principles of inclusiveness in the workplace at our Day 2 Workshop - HR Professionals: Charting the Path Towards an Inclusive Workplace.

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